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I think we can all agree that 2020 was a very particular year. We now have so many hopes and dreams for the new year but I still wanted to have a look at the past year. I’ve learned a lot of things and I had plenty of time to reflect on how I was doing with my art. Even though we all want to move on, it’s always a growing experience to review what happened, to be able to build on stronger bases. Here is my year review and I encourage you to do the same exercise.

When the first wave of quarantine hit where I live, I was very fortunate to work for a company that was classified essential so I was able to work. Unfortunately, I had to be temporarily laid off for the month of April. I had so many good intentions with my art. I had a whole month to just create. As I usually do, I had big projects and big intentions. I wanted to start a Youtube channel, create videos and share my art. Once a week was my objective. But then I had to go back to work at the beginning of May and let me tell you, I didn’t post once a week for long. Once again, I envisioned it too big and wasn’t prepared. Back then I didn’t know why it wasn’t working for me. I love art so why couldn’t I do it?

cat struggling

I was trying to follow trends, create art that was popular online, I tried to post more and even then, I was losing more than gaining. I was getting frustrated and started to doubt and that’s when I decided to stop forcing myself to create. It was doing more harm than anything. I was losing myself in the process and I didn’t want art to become something that stressed me out. So I reevaluated where I was putting my energy and on who as well. I was wasting my time on the wrong things and the wrong people. It was very difficult but I’m glad I did.

It’s only by the end of the year that it clicked in my head. I was trying to be an artist that wasn’t me. Trying to follow goals that weren’t mine. It took me time to realize that. That’s why a lot of artists say that it’s difficult to be an artist in these times. So many people online, so many resources, so many amazing artists and also so many people criticizing every move you make. It’s difficult to be a beginner/intermediate artist online when people see the best of the best post their work all the time and everything is compared to that. You start thinking that your work isn’t good enough and you start doubting yourself. But please don’t do that! Everyone has their little place online and has the right to be proud of what they are creating, no matter the level.

So for 2021, I told myself to create what I wanted even if it’s not trendy, to write on subjects that I wanted to write on, to try new things and not be scared of failing and to only follow trends if they fit with me. Go back to my roots! Not everyone will agree but it’s my journey, not theirs. Be happy, create pieces that make me happy and I’ll bloom into the artist I want to be. But for now, I’m happy to be the little sprout that has a lot of things to learn.

baby groot dancing

In conclusion, in 2020, I realized I was forcing myself on the wrong path and that I should stop comparing my work with other artists. It made me reevaluate how I did things and opened my eyes for the new year. I will let myself create what I want and at the pace that I want. I won’t let Google’s, Youtube’s, Twitter’s and Instagram’s algorithms dictate what I have to do. May 2021 be a year where we have fun creating and sharing our content without stress!

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