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The year is almost over! Finally!! So that means the holiday season is approaching fast. Faster than I thought it would have frankly… If you’re an organized person you’re maybe already done with your gifts shopping, but not all of us are that ready. *Freaks out internally a little*

Although I unfortunately don’t have the answer for every person in your life, I might be able to give you a little help if you have an artist friend or family member. That list of gift ideas is good for any level of artists, from the very beginner to the expert that amazes all of us. All budgets are considered and every idea can fit with the budget you have fixed yourself. Let’s jump into the 8 gift ideas for the artist in your life.

1. SUPPLIES - Artists never have too many supplies!

From paper, pens, inks, paints, yarn, embroidery thread, fabric (and I’m skipping a ton of them), we always need something to create. There is something for every kind of artist and for all budgets!

For an entry-level artist, good quality supplies are good but you can easily buy some less pricey brands so they can practise and learn. That gives them a very good opportunity to experiment. For more experienced artists, refill their stash with their favourite brand of supplies or splurge into a really high-end quality brand. For digital artists, an idea could be a couple of months of their programs subscription (like Adobe creative cloud), an upgrade of their usual program (e.g. upgrade from Clip Studio Paint PRO to EX), a copy of another program for them to try, etc. 

Supplies are great as a gift under the tree and are even great for stocking stuffing. They are easily found in a craft store and online.

gift idea for artist - supplies 01

2. NEW MEDIA/MATERIAL - Something new they can try and spark their creativity

In the same lane of thoughts of the previous item on the list, new material and media they didn’t try yet could be very interesting! 

For example, if they usually use acrylic paint, maybe they want to try watercolour or graphite pencils? Or maybe they sculpt but always wanted to try digital art! Another example could be a small sewing machine because they always wanted to try. You know them best, there are many opportunities.

gift idea for artist - supplies 02

Using new media can actually help with overcoming an art block or improving creativity in general. Multiple brands will fit your budget and needs. Have a look at your local art store or online to see what is available.

3. PRINTS - A piece of art of their favourite artists

Prints or original pieces of art are very good gifts too. We enjoy creating art but we also enjoy having pieces from our fellow artists. There are so many talented artists and a lot of them have stores online. Plus, this type of gift is sure to help another artist which is also amazing! Depending on what kind of art you’re buying and if it’s an original or a print, the prices will vary. This is for certainly a nice addition to an art studio or an office.

Etsy, Inprnt, Redbubble or the artist’s website are some of the places you can find what you need.

4. ART BOX SUBSCRIPTION - A monthly art box full of surprises

The first person who thought about the concept of monthly art boxes is a genius! How it works is super simple. You pay a monthly fee and get a box each month. Each month, the items in the box vary and no one knows what’s in the box prior to receiving it. You can also buy only one box if you don’t want to commit to the monthly service.

There are now multiple companies that offer all types of boxes for all art interests and budgets. Just to name a few there are Sketchbox, Artsnack, We Craft Box, Knitcrate and more. These subscriptions are a great way to boost the inspiration of any artist.

5. A BOOK - Another great way to get inspiration or learn a new skill

No matter what people say, books are a great gift! They are also a very good tool to learn a new skill. Find them a book on an artist they aspire to, a book about a new media or technique they want to try, etc. You can also find illustration books that are incredible sources of reference and inspiration. Again, there are so many options for all types of art and for all budgets.

gift idea for artist - books

6. GIFT CRAFTED BY YOU - A nice personalized gift from a person they appreciate

gift idea for artist - handmade

As simple as it may seem, giving a handmade gift is always appreciated. Plus, it gives you the chance to create something that is super personalized. It might also make them discover a different art style or a completely new way to make art. For example, if you sew, make them pyjama pants. If you paint or draw, you can make a portrait of their pets. If you crochet, make them a winter hat and scarf. I’m sure you can find a way to brighten the day of your loved ones. Plus it’s super fun to do.

The rest of the list is a bit more specific for digital art, as it’s the area of expertise I know better. Nonetheless, you can still get inspired by the rest of the list.

7. DRAWING TABLET - A new version or an upgrade is always welcome

Digital art opens a whole new world of ways to create illustrations. The main tool that can make that happen is tablets. There is the iPad with an Apple pencil or pen tablets, pen displays and pen computers from companies like Wacom and Huion. 

For an entry-level, I would recommend a pen tablet because they are a bit more affordable than pen displays. It’s a great tool to start and to get the feel of digital art. If you want to offer them an upgrade from their pen tablets, pen displays are amazing! They are pricier but multiple options are available depending on your budget. Huion offers more affordable tablets than Wacom. 

gift idea for artist - drawing tablet

Pen computer tablets are usually used by professionals. In your research make sure to consider the level of the artist, your budget and if you want to offer a portable option or not. I do recommend that you watch some review videos before you make your final decision to find the perfect fit for your gift.

8. WACOM EXPRESSKEY REMOTE - An accessory that could improve productivity

For the artists that use a Wacom pen display tablet, this accessory might interest them a lot. This little remote allows you to configure hot keys so you don’t have to use a keyboard for useful shortcuts. It makes working with the tablet a lot easier and way faster. It’s not a mandatory tool but it’s a very nice add-on, that really helps with productivity. Just make sure the remote is compatible with the tablet they are using. They are available online on Amazon, Best Buy or on the Wacom website.

gift idea for artist - expresskey remote

And there you have it! A list of 8 gift ideas to give to the artists in your life. I really hope you were able to find a little inspiration from this post and that I was able to help you find the perfect gift for your friend or family member. As someone who has all of the gifts listed above, I can attest I really enjoyed them!

Let’s reduce the stress of gift shopping together, so make sure to share this article with your friends. They can also get the inspiration they need for the holiday season.

Which of these gift ideas interested you the most?

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